My latest photograph collected. Her name is Nadine and from Tryavna, Bulgaria, 2 years old. It is dated June 20th, 1937. If she's still alive today, she would be 80 or 81 years old.  

On the Reverse: "To my aunt and uncle I am giving as gift and remembering the face of my dearest daughter Nadina two years old. June 20 th 1937 year. City of Tryavna TO THE FAMILY OF TOTYO B. GEORGIEV - TRYAVNA"

The envelope sent by the dealer - a piece of artwork in itself. Notice my name in the middle upper portion written in an arch, covered by melted wax and glitter and his signature and date to the right. Not to mention the three wax seals on the front on the envelope holding it closed. Beautiful. :)

The Blood Family

I absolutely love old photos and found this one in an antique store on my most recent trip to Seattle. Just the body language alone tells so much! And I love the corn, it reminds me of my mom and her family growing up on the farm in Iowa. I wish I knew where and when this was taken. 

Sitting here in Blue Jay Way

I had so much fun making this for a dear friend. This started out as just a sketch for a final piece to be done on other paper, but I liked the way the sketch looked against the brown-toned paper and decided to continue on. This was just scrap paper, so thankfully I was able to "erase" a few ink scribbles on the left-hand side (or else this would be cropped much differently). I have only used gouache for a short time and have to say I am really starting to love it. I can't wait to make more like this. 

"Blue Jay Way" (For CB), Gouache, pencil, & watercolor on paper, 5.25" x 6.75", October 2015

"Blue Jay Way" Detail

Moving In

I just moved in to my new studio and I couldn't be more excited! This is my first substantial, solely art-dedicated space since my studio at UMass. I'm still organizing everything, but it's starting to shape up. I have enough room for both my jewelry work space, solder station, kiln, etc and still plenty of room for painting! So. Excited.!

 Um, I still have quite a bit of organization to do.... It's wild how much stuff you can accumulate over just a few years. 

Um, I still have quite a bit of organization to do.... It's wild how much stuff you can accumulate over just a few years. 

 Jazz hates it here. 

Jazz hates it here. 

Little Stinky Turn Around

I had to create a character turn around for a class I'm taking, and this is the final product. This is my first time really trying to draw in this type of style verses my more realistic painting. I definitely need more practice, but there are many elements here that I'm fairly happy with. I would like to try again but in a slightly less cartoony style, more like my first drawing below. 

Process shots: figuring out head shape, inking, then watercolor.

This was my first drawing, which looks the most like Jazz, aka "Little Stinky". She loves getting into the trash, so I gave her a banana peel for a hat. 

Rikki Tikki Tavi Sketches

I'm taking a illustration class right now and the first project is to design and paint a book cover. I chose a childhood favorite of mine, Rikki Tikki Tavi. I started with a photoshop sketch and then moved on to a larger pencil sketch. Now I just have to figure out which medium I want to use for the final... I've been trying oil on paper but haven't gotten results that I love yet. 

Starting a project with a photoshop sketch was new for me. It was a fast and easy way to play around with different elements, positioning, colors, etc. I got to easily move things around, erase pieces, add pieces, play with perspectives and finally found something that I liked. There are many photos combined in this one sketch... maybe 7 or 8.

The pencil sketch as of now. I decided to change a few things from the original photoshop sketch... I took the wall out, gave the tree a little bit more character, and made the cobra's hood a bit larger. Things will probably continue to change as I move along to the final.

Muffler Mouse

Jeremy & Noah found this adorable mouse hiding in a muffler at the shop. I loved it so much I had to paint it, just a small study for now. Someday soon I'll paint another that does it some justice. 

In progress...

Finished study, gouache & pencil on paper

Bureau Still Life

It will probably be a while before I'm bored of drawing this statue. It was in my great grandfather's studio way back when, and then my grandfather's office and now sits on my bureau. (and has been my paintings muse for a few years) 

Not sure if I want to call this done yet. I'm tempted to continue pushing the dark values. I was working on mat board, and even though I gessoed it first, the paint kept soaking in and drying far lighter than I wanted. But the lighter values are growing on me, so I may just leave it as is. 

Pencil, oil & colored pencil on mat board, 19.5 x 13"

Tee Shirt

Learning the in's and out's of Adobe Illustrator and designing some tee shirts in the process. 

I have a few commissioned designs in the workings, but here's one I created just for fun. 

I must say, Illustrator isn't nearly as hard to pick up as I thought it would be -- I may even like it more than photoshop already ;)

Spring Moss

I Took the dogs for a hike this weekend on Mt. Toby and found myself stopping and photographing every sweet moss-covered rock or log. I ended up practically jogging the entire hike trying to catch up with the rest of the crew... only to fall behind again a minute or two later. But I got so many great reference photos. These are some of my favorites - the first one being my tipppity top favorite (mainly because the corner looks like an oil painting). Moss is just so beautiful :) Oh, and Jazz is at the bottom, she's pretty cute too